The Story of Huda Lighting

With twenty years of experience, Huda Lighting has positioned itself as a leading lighting solution provider for the Middle East and North African markets, providing a high degree of lighting expertise to support the region’s projects with the most suitable products and services for any type of project in the hospitality, retail, commercial, residential or industrial market segment.

With the region’s developing market, Huda Lighting was able to expand its support covering more countries with an experienced team of over 200 employees across its ten branches.

Over the years, Huda Lighting has evolved its range of products and services, making it more of a lighting solution provider, in many cases offering turnkey solutions for lighting, automation systems, wiring devices and other relevant products. Its consistently growing list of project references and corporate clients can only demonstrate the level of professionalism Huda Lighting has reached.

Huda Lighting continues to strive towards its vision “To Be The Lighting Supplier of Choice In The Region” by spreading its presence to more major cities, while continuing to upgrade and diversify its products and services.

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